Skill Sessions: ADHD Training

The Albany Theatre, London


Skill Sessions: ADHD Training

The Albany Theatre, London 07/11/2023

About the event

This event is all about supporting ADHD in the workplace. Ideal for EDI specialists, HR leaders and other professionals interested in cultivating inclusive workplaces.

Every Skill Session event is designed to boost knowledge in a specific area of disability or neurodiversity.

You’ll get CPD training, networking opportunities with peers, and the chance to hear from speakers with lived experience.

Photo taken at Skill Sessions event in April 2023

94% of attendees would recommend Skill Sessions to a colleague

"An in depth view of the topic, delivered in an engaging way - encouraging insight and empathy into people's real life experience"

What to expect

A skill session event brings together like-minded professionals to learn about a particular disability or neurodiversity from experts. As well as training from a qualified external provider, you'll also:

Learn from inspiring speakers

Each skill session event will kick off with a talk from a speaker who has lived experience of the topic we are learning about for the day.

Network with your peers

We're bringing together everyone in the industry to share ideas, exchange knowledge, and do some good old fashioned networking. Forget webinars: in-person conversations are where it's at!

Get CPD certification

Everyone attending the event will be provided with CPD certification after the training - a great way to ensure you are enhancing your professional skill set.

Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and a party!

Attendees can expect pastries on arrival, a delicious hot lunch to fuel you through the afternoon, plus free drinks at the after party.

Training content

Training will be delivered by the ADHD Foundation, the largest provider of training in ADHD and neurodevelopmental conditions for professionals in the UK. During the session, you can expect to learn what ADHD is (and what it isn’t) and strategies to support ADHD in the workplace.

Expect to cover topics like:

  • diagnosis
  • comorbidities
  • emotional dysregulation
  • mental health vulnerabilities
  • considerations for line managers
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Get to know the speakers

Photo of Colin Foley, training director at the ADHD Foundation

Colin Foley

Training Director, the ADHD Foundation

Following a twenty-five-year teaching career, including ten years in school leadership, Colin has led the Training team at the ADHD Foundation to be become the largest provider of training for professionals on ADHD in the UK, working with over 13,000 professionals from a range of sectors in the last year.
Photo of **Demet Dayanch – Workplace Strategy Coach at neurobox**

Demet Dayanch

Workplace Strategy Coach at neurobox

Demet Dayanch is a jack of all trades, master of fun! A creative from London with Turkish Cypriot roots, she’s worked for arts charities, and film production companies, and as a content writer, teacher and Coach/Mentor. Her passions are writing, music, acting, research, astrology, mindfulness and neurodiversity. She currently works with neurobox as a Workplace Strategy Coach.
Photo of Tom

Tom Cartwright

Co-Founder & CTO, CareScribe

Tom is one of the founders and Chief Technology Officer of CareScribe, an award-winning assistive technology company based in Bristol. As someone who has dyslexia and ADHD, Tom brings a unique perspective to the development of CareScribe’s innovative solutions.


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The Skill Sessions: ADHD Training

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Tuesday, 7 November 2023

10:00 - 17:00

The Albany,
Douglas Way,


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