The Ultimate Guide to Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Practical advice and information to help organisations of any size better support their neurodivergent people.

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What’s included in this guide?

You’ll discover practical tips, gain insight from HR leaders, access industry data, and much more…

  • What is Neurodiversity?

    This guide provides you with an overview and definition of what Neurodiversity is and why it’s important to support it in the workplace.

  • Types of Neurodiversity

    You’ll learn about Applied, Clinical, and Acquired Neurodiversity and the differences between them all.

  • Tools/resources for organisations

    From SMEs to globally recognised brands, this guide recommends tools and resources for companies of all sizes or budgets.

  • Adjusting the candidate experience

    Discover the small changes to recruitment and HR which can make a huge impact for Neurodivergent candidates.

  • Making staff feel safe

    Psychological safety at work is paramount to happy, productive teams. You’ll learn practical ways you can support Neurodivergent staff.

  • How to enable leadership

    Get tips for how to encourage your leadership team to support and advocate for better inclusion.

“Supporting neurodiversity at work takes a multi-faceted approach rather than a checkbox approach. Embracing and celebrating neurodiversity starts with greater knowledge, training, and awareness raising for all staff.”

“A fantastic and insightful guide that covers the basics of understanding what can often feel like a complex topic. In my opinion, this isn’t just useful for ‘People Leads’, but for everyone to read and learn more about.”

Jenny Thomson
Head of People & Culture, Clue Software

33% of the global population has
a neurodivergent condition


This guide is perfect for…

HR Managers

You’ll learn practical ways to change your recruitment process and adjust your staff experience to better support neurodivergent employees and create an inclusive work culture.

ED&I Champions

For people who are keen to advocate for positive change and more inclusive workplaces, this guide will help you take those first steps in that conversation.

CEOs & Founders

Improving outcomes for neurodiversity in the workplace sits with leadership. You’ll learn how to spark change and model behaviour for your organisation.

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