07 September 2023 / Watch on-demand
07 September 2023
Watch on-demand
07 September 2023 / Watch on-demand

Creating a
workplace where
dyslexic minds thrive

Dyslexia can be incredibly challenging at work, especially without the proper tools or support from the workplace.

Now available on demand, Natalie Brooks, founder of Dyslexia in Adults, unpacks the challenges and strengths of dyslexia and shares how organisations can create environments to help individuals recognise and put in place the systems they need to succeed.

“I can’t because I’m dyslexic”

Through lived and professional experience, Natalie shares her story and draws on the common challenges and strengths of being a dyslexic thinker.

You’ll learn how organisations can start to create environments to support employees in various ways.

Natalie talks through:

The challenges of dyslexia

Understand the common challenges dyslexic thinkers face – imposter syndrome, masking burnout, to name a few.

The strengths of dyslexia

Dyslexic thinkers bring huge advantages to the life of an organisation. Natalie unpacks what these are.

Workplace environment

Recognising the challenges and strengths is one thing, but how can organisations create workplaces to support them?

Practical takeaways

Leave the recording armed with practical insights to take into your workplace and everyday life.

Skill Sessions event series

Who is this for?

This recording is best suited to leaders in the workplace – your job title might sound a little like DEI lead or People Director.

If you’re a professional looking to understand and improve your knowledge of dyslexia and how to support others, this is also a great session to watch!


Natalie Brooks

Founder @ Dyslexia in Adults

Natalie Brooks is the founder of Dyslexia in Adults, a company that works to create a safe and creative space to discuss both the challenges and strengths of being an adult with dyslexia. After struggling in the workplace herself, Natalie created this community to offer support and empower individuals to better understand themselves.

Dr Richard Purcell

Co-Founder & Director @ Carescribe

Rich is the webinar host and co-founder of CareScribe, an award-winning assistive technology company based in Bristol. Rich is also a former NHS Doctor and is passionate about using tech for good.

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