Image showing a person using a video conferencing system on their laptop

Proactive meetings might mean different things to different people depending on where you work. The one thing we all agree on is that the way in which we work has changed dramatically over the last year and now more than ever the use of web conferencing tools are a vital part of any operation. They are in fact, almost indispensable for modern businesses to function in the current climate mid-pandemic and will likely continue prominence in the post-covid world too given restrictions and corporate adaptations we will all inevitably face.

So whether you base the success of a productive meeting on the participants themselves, the outcomes agreed, or the general flow of discussion points allowed by the chair, it is pivotal that your web conferencing tools are fit for purpose. The compatibility and ease of use will determine the execution and delivery of all important topics so let’s take a closer look at the best options at your disposal;


BlueJeans is Verizon’s no download alternative to Google Meet. Access is simple and utilized through web browsers. Features include Smart Meetings recaps and action item tagging, HD video, and Dolby Voice audio. There are specific integrations for Outlook and Google calendar, whiteboards, and application sharing which really elevate its value.

Cisco Webex

Ideal if your organization uses Cisco technology already. The compatibility won’t be an issue and luckily, neither is the user-friendly functionality here. With Cisco Webex, you get HD audio and video, compatibility with a broad range of devices, screen sharing, calendar integrations amongst others as you would expect from a web conferencing tool of this calibre.

Google Meets

People and businesses alike that need a simple, no-download web conferencing solution will love Google meets. It has been revolutionary in the educational sector and pivotal for remote school and university learning. Streamlined and secure with big-name prestige and authenticity.

Microsoft Teams

Falling within its Microsoft 365 product line and replacing Skype Meeting Broadcast, Microsoft Teams offers Teams Live Events, allowing users to engage with 10,000 participants. Educational accessibility is ensured with compatibility with Microsoft Office Forms and Office 365. This integration and the ability to set up teams and channels for corporate use make this tool extremely attractive and valuable.


With features such as Zoom captions and zoom transcription available with built-in Otter integration, Zoom came to prominence in 2020 and was a huge part of lockdown for many people socially and for work. User-friendly, straightforward forward, and efficient, Zoom ticks all the boxes for remote communication.

Final Thoughts

Web conferencing tools will become as normal as a desk, paper, and pen if they aren’t already. Companies need to embrace the digital world we live in and as we move to a more remote society, particularly in the corporate sector, tools such as the ones discussed in this article will be pivotal to basic day-to-day operations.

While streamlining workflow for high efficiency, the optimum online meeting tools allow you to maintain the privacy of your remote interactions. If you seek to increase the productivity of your online team, consider getting started with one of these top recommended web meeting tools to enhance your business credentials.